CrossFit Open Week Five WOD

As many reps as possible in 7 Mins

100# Thruster X 3

Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups X 3

100# Thruster X 6

C-2-B Pull Ups X 6

Then 9/9, 12/12, 15/15….climb the ladder to 7 minutes

I loved this WOD – “Fran” on steroids.  Let me tell you why.  I’m a numbers guy.  I love taking a benchmark on any given workout, putting in work for several weeks or months, then returning to do that workout again in order to track my progress or lack thereof.  This workout was a repeat of the 2011 Open WOD #6 – so we basically had a chance to repeat it one year later under the same games-qualification stress and excitement.  So how did the last year of training aid or hamper your progress?  In 2011 I completed 87 total reps (equal to the round of 15 thrusters plus 12 C-2-B pull ups).  In 2012 with another year of training under my belt, I scored 113 total reps!  This gave me a ranking of 198 out of 1,895 competitors.  This was a 23% improvement over the previous year which I was very proud of.

But being proud of a score and cutting the mustard in the region are two different things completely – so how did 113 reps stack up to the competition?  Answer – still short by 15 total reps.  A top 60 score in the men’s Southeast region in WOD 12.5/11.6 required 128 total reps or = fully completing the round of 18, and then adding another 5 reps of thrusters in the round of 21.

The link for my first attempt at this WOD can be viewed at: Nate Hemphill CF Open WOD 12.5/11.6

Here are a few of my tips for success on this WOD:

  1.  Maximize your thruster efficiency – Your first rep should be a squat clean thruster.  Keep your chest tall, elbows high, weight on the heels and thrust that panzy weight up without burning out your shoulders.  As you fatigue you will want to round you back, drop your elbows and shift on to your toes…fight the urge!  It will all be over soon.
  2. Maximize your Chest-to-Bar pull up efficiency – If you have mastered the standard kipping pull-up, you should make an attempt to begin working on your butterfly pull-ups.  I just began doing butterfly pull ups this year and it really does help you knock these out quickly.  There are several great tutorial videos on how to do an efficient butterfly pull up…I’ll defer to the butterfly master, Chris Spealler on this one: Spealler – Butterfly Pull Up
  3. Pacing – This is a 7 minute WOD.  Most seasoned crossfitters can run a max effort 1 mile run in 5-7 minute time frame.  You should attempt to maintain a similar heart rate as you go through this WOD.  Go unbroken for as long as you can, then rest in the transition between exercises.  Fight the evil voice in your head telling you to drop the bar or let go…you have more in you than you think.

So this post sums up my 2012 CrossFit Open advice.  I hope that this chronicle helps any firebreather with their sights set on 2013.  I have already referred back to this series of posts to repeat WODs with much success in adding a few reps.  The marks are set – you now have some idea of where you need to be – there are no more excuses.  Train hard and injury-free.  Post comments if I can be of any help!

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